Safe use and training for elevated work platform (EWP) equipment

Why is training very important to use any type of aerial lift equipment?

Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Cherry Pickers, and Mast Climbers are brilliant new machined that are now full of technology and safety equipment for elevating large stable platforms into difficult to reach places. In the olden days, people were required to come up with creative ideas to work in these high-risk environments which were often basic climbing gear, scaffolding, and harnesses with the assistance of a team of colleagues.

Elevated work platforms are the new way for workers to safely reach hard to get to places for extended periods of time. These secure work platforms are now used to lift payloads and operators with minimal fuss and manpower. These machines also come in different sizes and horsepower depending on the requirements of the operator and work site. New machines are built for single user operation and can be used on difficult terrain and have extraordinary lift capacity with a powerful engine and hydraulic options.

In order to be able to operate any type of elevated lift equipment, the operator must be professionally trained and be aware of any potential problems that may be encountered when operating the equipment.

Learning how to handle the equipment properly will benefit the operator and ensure the machine is not damaged and any potential accidents avoided. Operators must be confident and trained on the machine to ensure the work be completed quickly and safely. Operators are qualified for a license if they can follow clear instructions and procedures and if they can also respond effectively to any potential issues.

Even with a detailed manual, completing training will help any potential operator fully understand how to operate the equipment to maximise its potential and to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Hands-on training with an instructor/coach will give operators the knowledge they need to avoid damaging the equipment and any personnel.

The EWP (Elevated Work Platform) training also focuses on safety guidelines so the operators will know what possible issues they may encounter and are given certain scenarios of what could happen during an unexpected incident and how other workers should respond if a potentially dangerous situation should occur. It is important operators are aware of the risks and potential problems that could occur with this heavy duty to prevent accidents that could result in serious injury.

The most common reason for injury/fatality in operating these machines are tip-over of the lifts and operators falling from the platforms when they are extended at a significant height. As such proper training is imperative to ensure the chance of a tip over or any chance of operator error is kept to an absolute minimum. It is recommended to hire elevated work platforms from a professional firm that offers training for operators and maintenance of the equipment to ensure optimum operator and workplace safety.