Looking For Scissor Lift Rental?

Renting scissor lift equipment can help you save time, effort and money by getting the job done fast, especially with Power Access scissor lift rentals as we have an extensive range of the latest elevated work platform equipment. Scissor lifts are very useful for building maintenance and construction work. Materials and workers can be quickly and safely moved up and down with the push of a button. Scissor lifts are also the ideal elevator platform for emergency access with extra height available and the ability to carry equipment and personnel. It is not only the firefighters who can use scissor lifts as a life-saving elevator, cable line installers and electrical technicians also use scissor lifts often to be complete their tasks safely rather than using wobbly ladders. In addition, using a scissor lift makes jobs less dangerous as they have an extremely sturdy construction with a large gated platform and an operator fail-safe feature that returns the platform to the ground safely. The elevated platform is raised by collapsable supports linked inside a criss-cross pattern known as the pantograph.

scissor lift power access

These aerial access machines are extremely practical and effective in light to heavy duty jobs, such as assembly of structures like airplanes and building scaffolding. Scissor lifts can be easily rented from a professional company like PowerAccess as we have a large selection of the latest modern elevated work platforms and conduct all required servicing and training by our qualified technicians.

Used for truck loading heavy materials and goods. Lifting large loads and moving them from point a to point b can be stressful especially when you suffer from back pain and have been advised not to carry heavy items over any significant distance. Renting a scissor lift is the simple solution to make your heavy lifting work easier with no stress on your back or potential for a workplace injury. All you need to do is move the item onto the platform and drive the scissor lift towards your vehicle, van, truck or wherever you need to place the heavy items.

Building Repair and maintenance.  Scissor lift is very useful when you are painting large houses, changing hard to reach outdoor spotlights and even indoors especially when the building is designed with high ceilings. Fixing roofs is a lot easier with quick access and the ability to lift all required materials on the one platform. Scissor lifts are also very useful for work on large buildings that require maintenance work and repair such as hotels, offices, airports and shopping centers. Thie scissor lift machine is really designed to access hard to reach places much more safely than using step ladders. The machines are easy to operate and full training can be provided by the team at PowerAccess.

Trimming Trees using scissor lifts for your gardening needs. Renting a scissor lift is a great start as it makes work in the garden safe, fast and easy. With a mobile aerial platform, you can safely cut branches which are difficult to reach especially when using a step ladder. It is also easier for harvesting fruit trees such as mangos, avocados, oranges, and apples as both of your hands are free to grab the fruit and fill a large basket on the platform which can be offloaded with ease when filled. You can get the job done fast, safe and stress-free when using a scissor lift when compared to using dangerous step ladders that are cumbersome and often lead to accidents. A scissor lift can make you dramatically more productive and significantly reduce the time to get the job done when compared to using old step ladders.