How to Safely Operate a Cherry Picker

he access equipment called a Cherry Picker is a movable vertical boom with an open bucket at the end from which a worker can perform aerial work such as trimming trees or repairing cable wires, etc.

As with other elevated work platforms operating a Cherry Picker can be dangerous as well, that is why it is very important to know the safety tips before operating a cherry picker and to receive some professional instructions and training like from the experts at Power Access.


Here are a few important safety tips on how to safely operate a Cherry Picker :

Inspect ground conditions and stability

Inadequate road base or level ground may result in an accident so it is important to make sure the ground is level and provides suitable traction to ensure the Cherry Picker remains stable during operation. Move the machine around in the lowered position to check stability and traction before attempting to raise the boom.

Never use a Cherry Picker :

  • When the ground incline is more than 5 degrees
  • During bad weather with thunderstorms to avoid lightning strikes
  • Near any cable or electric power lines, in case of entanglement with live wires
  • When in doubt of the weight load, due to the risk of overturn or collapse

Also, make sure the work platform is fitted with effective guardrails and toe boards.

What to Avoid to safely operate a Cherry Picker?


Taking risks – A cherry picker is a large maneuverable mechanical platform that is used for a wide range of access tasks at significant height. For your own safety, it is important to always have the safety harness on and to stay within the boundary of the harness. Due to operational heights, a serious fall can be fatal if the operator is not secured with the harness at all times. It is always a lot safer when you move the cherry picker from place to place to review any potential overhead obstructions. Ensure you check carefully for any overhead power lines to be sure they are not accidentally touched or broken when extending the boom when working.


Falling objects – ensure to secure the gates and barriers around the platform so that falling tools or objects do not strike any people below.


  1. Unstable ground conditions
  2. Overhead Wires
  3. Gradient too steep
  4. Not wearing harness
  5. Overextension causing imbalance
  6. Lack of regular inspections
  7. Mechanical failure due to poor service history
  8. Human error (not properly trained)
  9. Contact with other vehicles
  10. Operation in bad weather


Also, it is important to keep personnel and bystanders away from the cherry picker operation. Ensure the machine you hire is from a reputable company like PowerAccess so you can be sure every machine is serviced and operators are properly trained.


Ensure Proper Operator Training

Cherry Picker operators must be fully trained to ensure that they are familiar with the operation of the equipment and all safety precautions. PowerAccess has many professional training options to ensure safe operation of Cherry Pickers is maintained in the workplace.