Tips on safe operation while working at heights

Tips on safe operation while working at heights

Operators using an elevated work platform at great height is an essential part of many jobs like in construction and can be extremely dangerous. It is important that employers must make sure to keep their operators safe when they are using this type of equipment.


Here are some tips for operators and employers.

Make sure the operator is trained and licensed

Ensure each operator knows how to use an elevated work platform safely. Power Access conducts Yellow card Training Courses to ensure the operator has completed professional certification to operate the equipment. It is recommended that employers have all workers complete this training prior to operating this type of equipment. Operators can be trained by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) or Power Access can conduct training at your workplace to ensure minimal downtime and even complete a group training session for all operators.

Create a safety list for each machine.

The safety procedures you use when working at heights can differ depending on the type of equipment. To ensure each operator are trained properly for each machine, it is important to have a unique safety checklist for each type of equipment. With a checklist, the operator will remember to complete certain safety steps prior and during the operation of the machine.

Always anticipate every move

Ensure the operator is not in the basket when making large moves from side to side. Many elevated platforms are made so that you can only raise or lower them with operators in the basket, like scissor lifts and boom lifts. However, when you are about to move the platform from side to side, you always need to ensure the operator disembarks from the basket. This applies to many kinds of telescoping lifts.

Wear a safety harness at all times – regardless if the operator is on a scissor lift, cherry picker, boom lift or another type of elevated platform, Always make sure they wear a fall arrest harness. Each worker should have a harness that fits properly, tighten and secure the harness before working at height and know how to anchor the harness to something firm and stable, the harness lessens the potential risk for injury from a fall or accident.

Always watch for Cables or Power Lines – If you are fixing cables or electrical wires, make sure that you have the right tools to prevent electrical shock, You don’t want someone to accidentally hit or snag a power line with a metal tool and risk electrocution.


For professional training on-site – book a time with Power Access to ensure you operate a safe workplace and prevent any accidents from using elevated work platforms.