How to safely operate a Scissor Lift

If you have high-level access problem, a scissor lift might be the right solution for you.

First of all, you need to know or be trained on how to operate the powered access equipment or find a professional operator to get the work done to avoid potential problems or any danger during operation.

A Scissor lift is a mobile motorized vehicle with a railed platform that can be raised straight up with criss crossing metal support beams that elongate as the platform is raised and are mounted on folding arms. A Scissor lift is used to work in high or difficult to reach elevated areas.

Work where you want and when you want with a proper training from Power Access.

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Getting Professional Training

Power Access scissor lift training is developed to equip operators with a strong foundation in Australian health & safety standards, preventative maintenance and proper procedures for safe operation of scissor lifts.

Training can either be carried out at our training center in Wetherill Park or on site, this provides you with a flexible way to learn about safe scissor lift operation.

The aim is to help you be professionally trained to safely prepare and operate the elevated work platform of your choice

The training can cover the following topics:

Fundamentals of Aerial Platform, Hazard Identification, Manual and Powered Vertical Aerial Platforms, Machine Stability and Characteristics, Preventative Maintenance and Procedures, Job Safety Analysis, Machine Orientation and Safe Operation, Start-up and Shut-Down Protocol, Steering Controls, Operating Envelope and Range of Motion, Emergency Controls, Safe Dismounting.


Yellow card Certification

When an Individual is representing themselves as a professional operator, it is important to know if they are holding a Yellow Card.

The Yellow card certifies the holder has undergone professional training in the safe and professional operation of various types of elevated work platforms.


Abide by the manufacturer guidelines

The manufacture of elevated work platforms and scissor lifts is a complex process and technology is always advancing. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort providing detailed operational guidelines, maintenance and instruction manuals. They also test the equipment continuously to ensure safe operational conditions and to recommend maximum load parameters.

Make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure the correct equipment is used in the best possible way to ensure each job can be completed safely, on time and on budget.

For example: the maximum number of operators allowed is one then abide by their specifications. If the maximum elevated platform capacity is 350kgs, make sure you do not exceed the maximum weight recommendations for each machine.  If the equipment was intended to carry 400kg, the manufacturer would list the platform capacity with no additional room for error.

These are just a few safety tips to keep in mind when operating a scissor lift at optimal levels. A person who is well trained is the most important factor in working with scissor lift machines.

PowerAccess is the leading provider of scissor lift training and access equipment hire in Sydney.