Need a Scissor Lift? Consider Your Options with JLG

When it’s time to tackle a Sydney job high in the air, you no doubt realize that specialized equipment is needed. A highly-functional, multi-purpose scissor lift is the best choice to help you to meet your deadline and accomplish the goal with safety and precision.

You may also understand that you have an option to lease a specialty JLG lift to satisfy your unique needs. We would be happy to explain how the benefits of short-term rentals can simplify your firm’s scheduling, help you complete necessary tasks, increase your job efficiency, perform efficiently and be extremely cost-effective. Renting such specialized equipment is a viable option over purchasing for many Sydney companies.

Weigh Your Options; Analyze Your Needs

JLG scissor lifts are designed to deliver — whether you use one to lift the materials for finish-out of a building interior, or to lift construction workers to the right height for an outdoor project. The strategic platform is strong, safe and adaptable for multi-purpose uses, and the transportable wheeled base can traverse rough terrain, maintain its balance on less-than ideal sites, and perform in varied situations.

Steering ease and unequaled traction are two of the main advantages of JLG model lifts, but you will want to assess existing conditions and choose the lift that can handle your specific job needs. Our trained and experienced support staff is always willing to help and to offer advice and counsel.

Specific Benefits of JLG Scissor Lifts

While a variety of models exist, one of the best and most powerful for varied needs is the M4069LE Hybrid Electric Scissor Lift from JLG. It will reach to a lift height of more than 12 meters, meaning that workers can complete tasks more than 14 meters above ground level. The compact platform measures 1.65 by 2.92 meters, enough for several workers and a wide variety of tools and material. Lift time to maximum height is less than a minute.

This hard-working JLG scissor lift features four strong hydraulic stabilizers to assure safe operation, and a powerful diesel-fueled generator to prevent battery failure. With fold-down platform rails to allow access to cramped spaces, this is the perfect JLG scissor lift for high electrical and plumbing work, for upper-level window installation, repair or cleaning, for facility maintenance and construction repairs, and for myriad other warehouse, shopping center, school and church jobs in soaring interior spaces or out-of-doors.

Making the Right Rental vs. Purchase Decision

As you weigh the pros and cons of equipment rental on an as-needed basis against a major equipment purchase, there are some questions to ask yourself about the frequency of your need for a scissor lift, as well as the actual long-term costs of ownership. Factor in financing, insurance and upkeep, depreciation, necessary repairs, operator training and down-time when the machinery is not in use, and it may be that the most cost-effective option is to choose JLG scissor lift rental rather than purchase.

If that holds true for your situation, we believe that we offer the best choice: JLG scissor lifts to meet your every need, as well as the most responsive and experienced scissor lift rental Sydney has available.

Why not contact us to discuss your current and future needs?