Genie Scissor Lift Hire Sydney

Genie, a Terex Brand, has been partnering with Australian companies for over 21 years to provide these business with high-quality construction equipment and machinery. Some of the types of equipment that they manufacture includes material handling machines and aerial lifts, such as scissor lifts. If your business is in the market for scissor lifts, you may be debating between a scissor lift rental and a purchase, and may be wondering if a Genie scissor lift is ideal for your needs. Here is more information about Genie Scissor lifts.

The Different Types of Scissor Lifts Available From Genie

Genie manufactures a wide range of scissor lifts to help ensure that there is a lift that is ideal for your job. Some of the choices that you get to make when it comes to scissor lifts include selecting between electric and bi-energy lifts, which affects how the lift is powered. You can also select between an indoor, outdoor or dual indoor and outdoor lift. Finally, you have to take the time to consider which type of lift is right for you. This may include a slab scissor lift, rough terrain scissor lift, or a construction-oriented workhorse scissor lift. You then need to consider the maximum height of the lift, the platform height of the lift, the size of the platform height and the weight capacity of the lift to help you select the lift that is best suited for your job site.

How Scissor Lifts Can Be Used to Complete Job Tasks

A scissor lift provides a stable and sturdy foundation for your employees to complete various tasks upon. A scissor lift can be used when washing windows, painting buildings, welding at high heights, doing work to a ceiling a crawl space in a building, or any other task that requires your employees to be off the ground. A scissor lift provides a platform to make their job faster and easier, compared to using a ladder or having to install scaffolding to complete different jobs.

The Benefits of a Scissor Lift Rental over a Purchase

Once you have determined that a scissor lift is the right equipment for your job, you have to decide if a Genie scissor lift rental Sydney is ideal, or if you should purchase a scissor lift. There are many benefits associated with renting or hiring a scissor lift over purchasing one. When you rent a unit, you do not have to service or maintain the unit, and you only have to pay for the machine when it is being used. You also have the option to use different machines suited to each of your jobs, which provides you with more flexibility, you get training provided for each machine and you get the machine you need quickly delivered to your job site.

If your business is looking for a Genie scissor lift rental Sydney, let us at Power Access assist you. We can help you determine the right type of scissor lift for your job and then offer you either a short or long term rental, to ensure our products and rentals meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your construction equipment rental needs and how we can help you meet those needs.