Telescopic Lift Hire Guide

Hire, rent or purchase? It’s an age-old question for so many services and items, including when it comes to heavy equipment and machinery for specialty jobs, and it goes without saying that there are both pros and cons to each. But when it comes to telescopic lifts machines, it often makes more sense to go the hiring route versus the purchase route, especially when you consider the various types of telescopic lift machines and the frequency in which you’ll need to use them for various tasks. Here’s a look at why it makes sense to go the telescopic lift hire route:

Why Hire?

Aside from the obvious cost savings of renting when you need one versus outright purchasing one (and then having to maintain the equipment regardless of how much and how often you use it), there are several other benefits associated with telescopic lift hire. Here’s a closer look:

  • Equipment flexibility: Like we’ve noted, telescopic lifts come in different varieties, so the one you purchase for a task isn’t necessarily the right one that you’ll need when it comes to performing the next task. That’s one big benefit of hiring, or renting — you can get what you want on demand, rather than having to modify a purchased lift for the task that you need to perform. Furthermore, if you need to hire multiple telescopic lifts, that’s another thing that going the hire vs. purchase route enables when it comes to flexibility.
  • Training provided: When you hire a lift, training is provided — and it’s always timely and relevant to the use you’ll need it for right now. Some equipment manufacturers might offer training when you purchase a lift, but just think about how much of that training you’ll forget over time. When you hire a lift, you’ll receive the training right before you use it, so it’s top of mind. This helps permit you to perform the task with a higher degree of safety.
  • Pay to play: We mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again: When you hire, you’ll only pay for the time that you need to use it. This can represent a significant short and long term cost savings compared to purchasing a lift outright. In addition, you can count on the machine being delivered on time and properly maintained so that it starts up and is ready to operate during the period that you need it.

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