Scissor Lift Rental: Essential Safety Considerations

Scissor lifts, sometimes called “movable scaffolding,” offer a flexible way to lift supplies, equipment and personnel to a desired height during a construction job. Scissor lifts allow for the transport of items and workers to and from high elevations with ease. They can also be adjusted with precision to the exact height required at every phase of the job. At PowerAccess we offer an extensive range of scissor lifts for rental in the Sydney metro area.

Safe and effective scissor lift hire requires good knowledge of key safety elements. Scissor lifts are considered heavy equipment, and specific operational procedures are essential in ongoing safety and effective use. Implementing these methods assists companies in avoiding potential legal problems and ensures workers and anyone who visits the job site are operating in a safe environment.

Here are some of the most essential safety steps:

Do Not Overload 

All heavy machinery and equipment have specific load capacities and specifications. These should be closely adhered to in order to use the equipment safely and appropriately.

Balance Loads

Balancing all supplies, equipment and personnel on the platform is also essential to scissor lift operational safety. As the job progresses, the items on the platform should be moved around to maintain balance and ensure safety at all times.

Adjust For Conditions

Conditions such as windy weather should be taken into considerations when using a scissor lift on a job site. Reducing height or postponing work might be the safest option. Rainy weather could cause the ground beneath the base to become unstable.

Stay Inside Guard Rails

Personnel should be advised and trained to use the equipment safely and properly. This includes staying within the guard rails, retaining balance and never working at awkward angles on the equipment.

Use Scissor Lifts Appropriately

Scissor lifts are intended to assist in the building and construction industry. However, they have been used in other capacities such as in film and camera work to achieve aerial views and specific angles. Using scissor lifts in not recommended ways increases the risk of the lift falling over and injuring both users and anyone in the vicinity. Consult with your PowerAccess representative to ensure you hire the correct Scissor Lift to fit the job specification.

Never Relocate While Extended

When relocating the scissor lift, always do so when it is contracted (not extended). Never move the equipment when it is raised and loaded with tools and supplies.

Have Workers Utilise Lanyards

A safety lanyard is attached to workers’ wrists and linked with a machinery kill switch. This ensures that if a worker falls or becomes incapacitated the machine will no longer operate.

scissor lift offers a flexible scaffolding solution that’s easy to adjust for every phase of a job. We offer an extensive range of scissor lifts for rental in Sydney you can trust for assisting in your construction project. The advantages of hire over purchase are numerous and include no need to service the equipment, and multiple machines can be rented short term if required to quickly complete each job’s requirements.

We offer short- and long-term rental terms and pledge to always provide top of the line, carefully maintained equipment. We also offer safety and usage training to ensure you always get optimal results from our scissor lift hire services.