Top Things to Consider when Hiring a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers were originally made, as the name suggests, for cherry picking. Today, this simple aerial lift tool is known to cover a wide variety of tasks that range from window cleaning to roof fixing. It is considered as a safe alternative to scaffolding as well.

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Purchasing your own cherry picker might not be in your agenda but a good alternative is to rent them from a reputable and reliable rental company. Many companies are now offering excellent cherry picker for hire services.

But before you call your local rental company, here are the top things you should consider before hiring a cherry picker.

The type of cherry picker needed.

There are several types of cherry picker that you can choose from. There are vehicle mounted cherry pickers as well as an all-terrain self-propelled cherry picker. Each type performs a specific task. Selecting the right machine not only saves time but money as well. It will enable you to finish your project efficiently and on time.

The height and reach it can attain.

The height of the cherry picker is measured from the ground to its maximum reach while its reach is measured from the turret or the lifting arm to the reach of an average person stretching their arm from the fully extended boom. It is important to consider the kind of task that the equipment will be doing. This reduces the risk of accidents occurring in the workplace.

Know the kind of working environment they will be used in.

It is important to put in great consideration the kind of working environment they will be used in. Make a thorough examination of the entire workplace. Check the ground surface for bumps and uneven slopes. There are cherry pickers that are made for terrains like this so it is imperative to hire a cherry picker that works well in such a terrain.

Take into account falling objects or other obstacles such as live power lines and cables as this could interfere during work. When working indoors, proper ventilation is a must. Hazards in the workplace must be remedied in time before actual work begins to avoid unwanted mishaps.

Risk and safety assessment.

Assessing the risks involved in the task does wonders in preventing accidents during operations.

The assessment will provide you with a variety of countermeasures to ensure that work is not only interrupted but also can be done smoothly. Whether it’s installing concrete barriers and warnings signs within the work area to contacting your local expert for assistance, these assessments is a way for you to be more mindful of things during operations.

Part of that assessment should involve the safety equipment that comes with the cherry picker. Check its loading capacity as well as its corresponding safety equipment (e.g. harness, lanyard) to ensure that it is in its full working capacity.

Legal requirements.

Before taking your pick at a cherry rental for hire, do not overlook the paperworks that ensure you are in good hands should anything go wrong. Legal requirements are not only limited to licenses and certification but also extends to the efficiency of hired manpower from the company. Are they sufficiently trained? Are the operator’s licenses up to date? These are the questions you should be able to answer with confidence once you have picked your cherry rental of choice.

The last and final step to acquiring highly functional cherry pickers is by picking the best company that offers not just excellent customer service but also top of the line products that delivers the best results.