What Can You Do with Scissor Lifts?

Despite relying on vertical movements due to its design, scissor lifts are one of the most stable lift devices that one can use.


These lifts come in several shapes and sizes which range from the narrow and compact platforms used in warehouse aisles to industrial-sized lifts used to access heights for over 20 meters. Maintenance and construction are two of the main industries where scissor lifts find their home due to its function of being able to reach difficult areas that require special repairs and work.

Despite being limited to vertical movements, here are other uses in which you can employ the use of the handy scissor lifts.

Storage facility and warehousing

Storing goods in large quantities in a limited area requires a stable lift in reaching high places. Scissor lifts are not only cost effective but they are able to stretch to the full height of the facility with ease.

Delivery and logistics

Logistics companies employ the use of scissor lifts in order to load heavy goods into a delivery vehicle. Scissor lifts are also used in loading bays where they provide access to personnel working in hard-to-reach places.


Multi-level facilities are known to make use of scissor lifts for a variety of functions that not only include reaching higher floors but also transporting products and equipment.

Disability access

Scissor lifts are one of the aerial work platforms that provides a specialist access equipment for the disabled. The lifts allow them to carry people safely from one level to another with ease.


Repairs and access are the main uses for scissor lifts in the Aviation industry. The self-propelled trailer or truck-mounted lifts also allow convenient airplane and hangar maintenance with little trouble.

Entertainment events

All the mind-boggling special effects that one sees in one’s favorite entertainment shows owe their preparations to scissor lifts. The entertainment uses scissor lifts not just in transporting equipment through various locations but also in filming and in production, especially in constructing movie sets.

Rescue operations

Fire fighting is one of the many rescue operations that incorporate the use of scissor lifts. Its design is not only able to provide assistance to rescuers in reaching heights but its stability also makes it one of the safest equipment types to use in emergency situations.

Railway maintenance

Scissor lifts provide excellent assistance both in work and maintenance of railway equipment. They come in smaller models that are useful in ease of access, especially in working with narrow areas.

Scissor lifts are one of the most fully functional aerial lift platforms used today. Companies from various industries have enlisted this simple, yet effective machine in performing jobs at incredible heights. Just keep in mind that if you are looking for the best scissor lift there is, it pays that they come from a reliable company.