Scissor Lift Safety Rules Every Operator Should Know

Operating scissor lifts require special handling to avoid accidents before, during and after its operation. Scissor lifts are named due to the scissor like contraption, called the pantograph,  found underneath the working platform.




Unlike the cherry picker and the boom lifts, the scissor lifts have a stable work platform but is only limited to vertical movements. This lift is highly recommended for maintenance jobs such as repairing roll over doors and roof inspection.

Although scissor lifts provide a more stable working platform than other aerial lift devices, safety measures are still taken into consideration when hiring it for work. Below are safety guidelines that every scissor lift operator should keep in mind.


Inspect the lift before operating it.

Equipment inspection is a must before it should be used. Should any problem arise, do not hesitate to alert your supervisors and never attempt to repair the equipment on your own. Faulty equipment must not be used during operation.


Work site inspection must be done before operating the machine.

Inspect the work site for any debris, uneven surfaces and overhead obstructions such as powerlines. Unsafe conditions must be reported before work is started in the area.


Non personnel must be kept away from the workplace.

Before beginning or resuming work, make sure that non personnel must be escorted out of the working site. They must maintain a distance of at least 6 ft. away from the machine when work commences.


Never overload the platform.

Do not fill the lift platform beyond its capacity. This includes not carrying materials which are essentially not allowed to be carried into the work platform. Should there be any exceptions due to the nature of the work, it is best to contact the lift’s manufacturer for any queries.


Keep both feet planted firmly inside the platform.

As a safety precaution and as a means to maximise work efficiency, both feet must be planted  firmly within the working platform. Do not sit, climb or stand on the guardrails of the platform. Never employ the use of planks, ladders or other devices to gain working height.


Secure the lift after operation.

Keep all controls in their respective places after operating it. Never leave the key on the lift to prevent its unauthorized use. The use of the lift in the wrong hands especially for untrained individuals pose safety and legal sanctions. Remember that safety starts with having the best scissor lift in the market and having well trained personnel to operate it.