Things You Need to Know About Mast Climber Hire

When they need mast climbers Sydney locals often have a wide range of questions pertaining to the process. Is it right for your situation? How does it work? Are there specific situations where it should be avoided? What about mast climber safety? To help you make a smart decision for your mast climber rental in New South Wales, we’ve compiled some of the most common information customers ask us about to help you get started.

# Things You Need to Know Before a Mast Climber Hire

  1. Let’s start with mast climber safety. As with many other types of powered lift machinery, fall protection equipment is a must. We strongly suggest that every worker on the mast climber has their own safety harness, a hard hat to protect them from items being dropped further up and similar personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. Beyond those basics, you’ll need to check your local safety regulations to ensure you’re staying in compliance.
  2. What kind of mast climber rental do you need? You may just need to be able to get your building supplies and workers up to a particular level so that work can begin, or you may need to be able to work at a specific level for an extended period of time. This will impact what type of mast climber hire you need, as one type may work better as a temporary lift while another is more suited towards use as a mobile work platform.
  3. What size structures work with mast climbers? Mast climbers are typically available in single or twin masts with platforms that can be adjusted in length and width. They can handle heights up to 100 meters and platform widths of up to 31.4 meters, which allows you to use them to manage a wide range of different projects effectively and efficiently. Working with an experienced rental company helps you get the right equipment for your project with minimum fuss.
  4. What are some situations a mast climber rental may be handy? One of the most common situations in which mast climbers are used is on tall commercial or business structures. Longer platforms allow a crew of workers to effectively complete work across one face of a structure quickly. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re working on a fast-track contract that requires specific portions of the project to be done by particular dates to avoid penalties.

By having a solid grasp of the basics of a mast climber hire, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your rental time instead of wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it work well for your needs. No matter where you need mast climbers NSW locals know that Power Access has the best selection and newest equipment available for rent on the market. Why not look at what we’ve got available today and make your project go much faster and easier?