How You Can Benefit From Our Genie Lift Hire

When you need an elevated work platform that can hold more than one man, is easy to manoeuvre, and is known for its reliability, a Genie Lift NSW is the answer. For over 40 years, this manufacturer has built a reputation on quality, hardworking equipment for construction, building maintenance, fruit picking, and warehouse management.

There are many benefits of a Genie Lift Hire versus buying one new or used from an equipment trader. Before you make a decision, contact Power Access to learn more about their Genie Lift rental services that enable you to choose the right type of equipment to fit each and every job. And, when you consider the cost of buying a Genie Lift for full price up front or using expensive financing, that type of expenditure can put a heavy dent in your cash flow.

10 Benefits of Renting a Genie Lift Sydney

  1. Fast delivery for emergencies or unexpected projects
  2. Equipment is fully serviced and inspected before deliver
  3. Short term and long term Genie Lift Hire options
  4. No worries about equipment depreciation and loss of assets
  5. Benefit from using multiple machines suited to each job on large projects
  6. Access to a full range of electric hydraulic scissor Genie lifts with platforms
  7. Can choose the right model Genie Lift to fit your projects
  8. Receive training on equipment operation and Genie Lift Safety
  9. Only pay for equipment when you need it for a job
  10. No need to worry about transport, delivery is straight to your work site

Instead of investing your cash and capital for a scissor lift that may not fit all your height and weight capacities for each project, Power Access offers a large Genie Lift Range with platform heights from 19 feet to 40 feet. Whether you need access to tight spaces or greater heights, Power Access has the Genie lift for the job.

Choosing a Power Access Genie Lift Hire

When you hire a Genie lift from Power Access, your jobs will run smoother and faster. This allows your business to take on more contracts and generate more income. Before choosing a Genie lift, consider the following questions that will help you make the right choice:

  • Do you need indoor and outdoor capabilities?
  • Is the job site terrain rough and steep?
  • How high do you need to reach?
  • Will you require heavy lifting capacity?
  • Do you have a power preference – diesel or electric?
  • Will more than one person access the elevated platform?

Power Access has the largest range and most modern fleet of Genie Lifts for hire in Sydney (NSW), with fast delivery and on-site servicing if needed. We take pride in our inventory and Genie Lift range to meet the needs of the most demanding environments and projects. Genie lifts are known for their stability when working on uneven surfaces or in demanding environments outdoors. You may want to consider a rough terrain lift that is specifically manufactured to operate well in tough conditions.

Genie Lift Sydney is the workhorse of aerial platforms and is a leader in the industry. Speak to a Power Access representative to make sure your operators receive the proper training in Genie Lift safety and operations.