Top Safety Tips when Operating Scissor Lifts

Operating scissor lifts require safety precautions and measurements. As with any type of equipment used for a variety of residential and commercial uses, hazards and accidents can come in several forms and can occur at any given time in the workplace.


Guiding machine operators and identifying hazards in the workplace are few of the many different ways to curb danger in the work premises. Yet many of these tips revolve around before and after operating scissor lifts. Training is one of the most crucial steps in ensuring that scissor lifts are carefully not only operated to their full capacity but also to eliminate a personnel’s chance of encountering an accident while at work.


Add these top five safety tips made specifically for preventing harm while operating a scissor lift.


Do not overload the platform.


One of the biggest and the most common mistakes committed while employing the use of scissor lifts is by overloading the platform. Each scissor lift, depending on the model and the brand, has specifications that needs to be strictly abided by to prevent accidents. The weight of the things that are needed to be placed inside the platform must be seen as a priority.


The platform becomes unstable as it goes higher. Should the weight undermine the base, personnel aboard the platform are in greater risk of falling due to the presence of outside forces, such as a gust of wind that could shake the platform.


Take extra caution when transferring materials while the platform is elevated.


As much as we want to strictly follow our timetables, there will be instances that adjustments should be made. This holds true when overseeing the transfer of several things while the platform is at an elevated state. No matter which height the platform is elevated to, caution should be exercised when transferring objects in high places.


To prevent any accidents, ensure that the base is sturdy and is immobile on stable grounds. Ensure that the platform is not overweight to prevent the entire scissor lift from shaking whilst in operation.


Safety equipment should be properly used at all times.


Safety equipments such as lanyards should be worn by personnel in their entire stay on the platform. Despite the fact that safety equipment are constantly used by personnel within the workplace, there are instances that accidents can occur while the safety equipment is still in use.


Lanyards are the most commonly used safety equipment by scissor lift operators. The Lanyards are attached to a worker’s wrist which is connected to a “kill switch” which ultimately stops the machine operating in the event of a mishap. One important precaution that should be exercised when employing the use of lanyards is by making sure that these are not intertwined.


Stay inside the guard rails at all times.


Guard rails were made to protect workers from falling off the elevated platform. Workers should be reminded to never go beyond the guard rails, especially when the platform is elevated at a certain height. However, there are instances where workers might have to overextend their reach, especially if the scissor lifts are not able to reach a certain height.


Standing on the rail guards are forbidden as outside forces can cause a person to lose their balance and fall off the platform. There are certain measures that can remedy this problem should extended reach be needed during work. Aside from employing scissor lifts that are capable of reaching really high places, one can also use other instruments that allow personnel to safely reach certain spaces if the scissor lift is incapable of reaching a certain height than what they were built for.


Moving the lift should not be done when the platform is extended.


Transporting heavy machinery should be undertaken with the utmost care. Safety guidelines strictly suggest that the platform should be lowered should it be necessary for the scissor lift to be moved from one place to the other. Several accidents have occurred, especially in working areas like colleges due to this kind of negligence on the job.


Implementing such simple and important safety guidelines should not only be strictly limited to top management in encouraging it to be practised. Colleagues must also serve as important figures in making sure that all safety precautions are met within the workplace.


Accidents can be prevented by not only employing a good quality scissor lift for your task but also in the vigilance and initiative of the people involved to make the workplace safe and accident-free for everyone.